Property Management Information

How are we different?
First National is steeped in integrity and passion. The core of our business is people, and the tools of our trade are negotiation, education and communication. We are passionate about what we do and we work from a place of professional integrity.
  • It matters to us that we do what we say we will
  • It matters to us that we select the best tenants for your property
  • It matters to us what your needs and expectations are
  • It matters to us that you are pleased with our service 
Your Property Manager is an intermediary between the parties of the tenancy — landlord and tenant. Maintaining a respectful relationship between both parties is integral to achieving the best outcome. As the interests of each party are not always aligned, your Property Manager is trained to look after your interests with tenacity and diplomacy. With a professional focus on service, due process and respect for individuals, the best outcomes are achieved.
Pricing your property
This is a big question — price too low and you miss out on the best return. Price too high and you miss out on valuable income. So how do you achieve the best balance?
Realistically priced properties generate more enquiry. It simply means that you get higher levels of interest, increased tenancy applications and a far greater chance of securing the perfect tenant and property match.

This is where local knowledge and expertise play an important factor. Our time spent researching market conditions is invaluable. By pricing realistically from the outset, you can avoid putting any barriers in the way of potential tenants.

Our experience shows that if the property is overpriced, many potential tenants will disregard it immediately — purely on price alone. At around $300 per week rent, a $10 difference could take you 30 weeks rent to recover the cost of one week’s vacancy. An unrealistically high rental return can result in your property staying vacant for extended periods of time, costing you valuable income. Setting a realistic rental price from the outset is crucial. Setting a realistic level is part of our business — it is what we do, and we do it well.
Tenant selection
Successful property management begins with the careful screening of applicants.
Our Property Managers will apply stringent criteria in their view of all applications.
The process begins well before an application is received though. Our team will handle all enquiries and property inspections directly, so rapport can be built and an initial assessment conducted.

Although we can never guarantee a tenant’s actions, stringent procedures ensure that the tenants we select are the most suitable for your property and minimise the risk of problems. All tenants will be checked on the relevant tenancy and credit control databases.