Legal, Insurance and Surveyors

Legal Services
It is important that buyers and sellers seek their own legal advice before entering into legally binding contracts, this is especially important in real estate transactions given the values often involved and sometimes the complexity of the issues. We are not able, for legal reasons, to provide any recommendations on which paties to use, and we request that you make your own determination as to who will be suitable for your needs.

Aspiring Law
03 443-0900

Checketts McKay
03 443-0800

Galloway Cook Allan
03 443-0044

Wanaka Law
03 443-8779

Guy Steven Barrister & Solicitor
03 443 6190

Insurance Services
C&G Rothbury Insurance
03 443 9505

Commercial and Rural Insurance Brokers Limited
03 443-4001

Penberthy Insurance
03-443 7321

Surveyors and Geotech Services
C Hughes and Associates Ltd
03-443 5052

Southern Land
03-443 5577

Paterson Pitts Wanaka
03-443 0110

RD Agritech
Geotechnical services - Wanaka

Ollie Behrent - 
027 775 5540